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Travel Trailers


If you own a travel trailer, you may need travel trailer insurance to protect your investment. These are expensive trailers that can run anywhere from a few thousand to $100,000, Travel trailer insurance policies are fairly affordable and can give you extra peace of mind when you take off for your next trip.

Since the policies and costs vary for this type insurance, it is important to compare rates and work with a knowledgeable independent agency, like Weimer Over Agency, to find the coverage that best fits your need. Our independent agency within the Trusted Choice network can do the comparison shopping for you and provide multiple quotes for you to compare.

What Travel Trailer Insurance Do I Need?

If you have taken out a loan to buy your camper trailer, make sure that your trailer is properly insured. If an accident leaves you with a total loss, insurance will save you from owing money on a trailer you can no longer use.


You may also want to make sure that you have the following coverage through your auto policy or your separate travel trailer insurance policy:

  • Total loss replacement

  • Liability coverage in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged while you're using your trailer

  • Collision coverage to pay for damage to your trailer after an accident

  • Comprehensive coverage to pay for loss or damage resulting from theft, fire or severe weather

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage, if a driver with little or no coverage is at fault in an accident

  • Coverage for your personal property

  • Coverage for roadside assistance

  • Emergency expense coverage

Travel trailer insurance or camper trailer insurance packages vary from company to company, so be sure you fully understand what is included with your policy and request additional coverage to cover your specific risks and concerns.

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