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Industrial Insurance Industry

Weimer Over Insurance specializes in industrial insurance and can meet all of your commercial coverage needs out of one of our offices. Our agents work with multiple insurance companies and can assemble a complete portfolio of coverage you need to protect your work force, your equipment and your financial bottom line.


Industrial Liability

Provides the complete commercial coverage industrial corporations require in industries such as oil and gas, paper manufacturing, auto manufacturing and fabricated metals. These corporations deal with risks specific to their industries and need customized business insurance plans to cover those risks, such as flammable or toxic substances, and the risks involved in using heavy duty machinery, equipment and large commercial trucks.


Workers Comp

Covers work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities, providing ongoing compensation to the victim or family. Workers comp can provide for replacement income, medical costs and more. It is required in every state, but the specific requirements differ by state.


Equipment & Breakdown

Formerly called boiler and machinery insurance, this coverage protects your company from potential breakdown of electrical infrastructure and key pieces of business equipment that your company relies on for productivity. The type and amount of coverage needed depends upon your specific industry and equipment use.


Industrial Life Insurance

Industrial life insurance refers to an insurance which provides insurance coverage to industrial workers or people who are unable to afford insurance for bigger amounts. Here a fixed amount is given in case of accident or death. They are also known as burial policies, small death benefits, and street insurance


Product Liability

Provides coverage for claims against your company due to injury or illness related to the use of your products.


Commercial Vehicle

You will need coverage for all vehicles you use on and off-site, including: Company cars, Deliver vans, Tankers Tractor trailers, Utility vehicles, Commercial trailers, or Personal vehicles used on the job


Business Property

Covers damage to the building and grounds from a range of causes, including fire and severe weather. These damages could result in thousands of dollars in expenses if not properly covered.


Business Interruption

Covers loss of income due to causes such as fire that require business downtime. This helps to replace lost revenue and keep the business functioning during repairs or rebuilding.

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